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Enterprise Energy

CC-Teknologies is proud to introduce SiteSage® from Powerhouse Dynamics.  The patented SiteSage system centrally controls and analyzes critical equipment enterprise-wide, delivering actionable intelligence to help increase profits.

The patented SiteSage® system manages energy and equipment across all of your locations. It has been shown to reduce energy costs by 15-25% and to pay for itself in under 2 years, often in 12 months or less. It is simple, powerful, and specifically designed to manage a portfolio of small facilities.

 energy managent  energy managent


 System Architecture

A secure, scalable, wireless, cloud-based architecture facilitates rapid installation and integration of multiple components.

system architecture


Patented Process

A central gateway seamlessly choreographs the interactions of wireless controls and sensors. Each Gateway can manage up to 10 service and/or control panels & 8 thermostats.

Wireless Thermostats and the SiteSage Controller remotely control critical equipment.

Sensors capture electric usage data from every load centrally; up to 45 per electric panel. The Gateway also connects with water and gas meters, temperature sensors, and other sensors and controls.

The data is uploaded to the Powerhouse Dynamics servers where it is processed and their patented analytics are applied to create actionable intelligence.

The system can be accessed on the SiteSage portal from any browser or on mobile devices. Configurable alerts and reports are sent via e-mail and SMS.


Enterprise - Level Management

  • Identify best-and-worst practices across all of your facilities
  • View all locations by region or other grouping
  • Compare by energy use or spend over any monitored time period
  • Set exception reports to identify equipment issues enterprise-wide


enterprise level managment


Dynamic HVAC Settings

  • Up to 8 pre-set time periods per day
  • Systems controlled centrally, ensuring adherence to policies and the right balance of comfort and cost
  • Seasonal temperatures can be applied enterprise wide
  • Set tolerances for onsite changes within a range you set, or lock out local changes completely.


dynamic hvac settings



Equipment Control

  • Enforce operating policies to reduce costs and control any piece of equipment remotely
  • Lighting
  • Toasters, Turbo-Chef, etc….
  • Set multiple on/off schedules across the day for any appliance
  • Flexible scheduling modes: absolute, relative to open/close, or relative to sunrise/sunset


equipment control



Equipment Performance Alerts

  • Notify if heating & cooling equipment is not reaching its target temperature
  • Notify when a piece of equipment is “short cycling”
  • Notify when a piece of refrigeration equipment is overloaded
  • Maintenance Reminders

equipment performance alerts


Food Safety

Temperature sensors installed in freezers, coolers, dairy dispensers, etc. and monitored

Measure and report temperature and power consumption

Remotely diagnose equipment performance issues before equipment emergencies

Email alerts, in real time, to issues with individual pieces of equipment compromising food

food safety


Budget Alerts
Notify if electricity cost is as projected or exceeds $$ value

Savings Opportunity Alerts
Peak Demand % of previous peak
Notify when Power Factor falls below established %
Notify when a particular circuit seems to have been on for an extended period
Notify if select equipment uses at least % more energy than before

Equipment Performance Alerts
Maintenance Reminder
Not reaching target temperature
Overload conditions

Comfort Alerts
Notify when the temperature reading on a thermostat sensor falls above or below scheduled levels

Safety Alerts
Notify when circuit is % of rated capacity
Notify if voltage level goes beyond expected range


Asset Management

  • Capture equipment properties – including make, model and age, along with multiple photos – with a mobile app
  • Capture equipment conditions – such as coil condition and standing water (for an HVAC unit)
  • Unique scoring algorithm to rank equipment based on age, condition, energy use, and other variables for prioritizing equipment maintenance and replacement programs

asset menagment

CC-Teknologies Managed Services Program

  • Business-To-Business (B2B) Managed Service Program
  • Firmware and Software Upgrades
  • Program Adjustments/Changes including Seasonal Temp Adjustments
  • Support HVAC Contractor in Problem Resolution
  • "Alerts" Review and Recommended Action Plan
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reporting

Managed Services

Interested in saving your organization both time and resources – and freeing up staff to focus on your core business? Take advantage of our popular Managed Video Network Services.

How does it work?

All March Networks video surveillance systems support remote health monitoring and management over an IP network connection. With Managed Video Network Services, March Networks staff working remotely from our Network Operations Center (NOC) will proactively monitor, troubleshoot and conduct diagnostics on your organization’s entire video network to identify and resolve video network health issues before they affect performance.

The services rely on our enterprise-class software management tools to monitor the functionality of cameras, disk drives, fixed and mobile video recorders, and network connectivity on a daily basis. When an issue is detected, NOC staff will resolve it remotely or provide detailed information to your local systems integrator or field technicians, based on a well-defined escalation process.

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